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Marble Dining Tables

Custom Base Options

We have a huge selection of marble dining table bases to choose from in our bespoke marble furniture collection. Unlike other marble dining tables on the market, our tables are custom-made to order and we offer a vast array of marble table tops and table bases to choose from. We have marble pillar bases, marble tapered bases, polished chrome bases or black powder coated bases. If you are looking for a more ostentatious look for your marble dining table, we have our high-end luxurious bases which are made with gold, Champagne gold or our most popular 'on trend' finish of rose gold.

Our bases are available in various shapes and designs, as you can see below. Here we have selected a handful of our most popular lines for you to peruse. However, we have many more to choose from, so please call us on 01202 039747 if you would like to discuss options with one of our expert Interior Designers. 

  • Solomon Polished Steel Base

  • Hermit Mild Steel Base

  • Meja Gold Base

  • Meja Mild Steel Base

  • Artee Rose Gold Base

  • Artee Gold Base

  • Jasmine Polished Steel Base

  • Soomo Mild Steel Base

  • Soomo Rose Gold Base

  • Soomo Polished Steel Base

  • Halfmoon Polished Steel Base

  • Farfalle Champagne Gold Base

  • Solomon Gold Base

  • Utan Gold Base

  • Gold Base

  • Polished Steel Base

  • Aiskrim Rose Gold Base

  • Tulip Mild Steel Base

  • Polished Steel Base

  • Maven Gold Base